Thursday, August 16 2007

Turtles 2: The Return

As I am stuck in a rut, more turtle pictures!

Lately, one group of turtles has taken to floating on the surface of the water, diving to the bottom of the pond when they sense a human.   They'll also dive to the bottom when a goose or duck approaches, but only at just about the moment of collision.  It almost seems like the geese are hunting the turtles, so it plays out as a mini Battle of the Atlantic.  I've watched as a turtle wolfpack lies sunning itself in the pond, to be startled and forced to dive deep to avoid the furious avian ASW onslaught.  Normally the battle lasts for a few minutes before the birds steam off for less elusive prey, and the turtles resume their restful watch on the surface.

The pond in question is low due to lack of rain here in Northern Virginia, so their usual favorite resting places, the drainage grates, are out of reach, but there is one floating board that makes a handy dry resting place.

This turtle has a substantial gouge in its shell.

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