Thursday, May 17 2007

I'm Still Here

I'm still around, but basically since I only have two readers, myself and McGurk (go visit his blog!), I haven't been hit by the creative bug recently.  Been trying to write some sidebar filler pages, but those are still IN PROGRESS.

I tend to think all the time, but without a catalyst for my thoughts to build around, the resulting output is rambling and incoherent.  Okay, it's more rambling and incoherent than usual.  I like to write, and I need to learn to put my thoughts on paper.

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Tuesday, May 01 2007

Please Stand By...

I'm sorry, but posting will be light this week.  I'm not feeling too well to start with, and the Chinese I had on Friday put me out of comission for a few days, so I'm catching up on work.

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