Tuesday, May 22 2012

Missing in Action

Where have I been for the past three-ish years?

First, I got a new job, rather unexpectedly.  It's a much better job... shorter commute, higher pay.  It also is, normally, a lot less stressful of a job (part of that may be in the commute). There are, however, a few quirks.  At my old job, I traveled fairly often.  A busy day might take me to three different counties.  With the new job, I don't travel nearly as often, but when I do... I think, depending on how you count it, I have a reasonable claim to three continents in a single day.

On the other hand, while work is less stressful, my pre-emptive karma has magnified my out-of-work stress considerably.  There's nothing really to be stressed about, really, but for some reason I'd been increasingly stressed by things outside of work.

Anyways, things are calming down and I'm feeling much better.  Hopefully, I'll have time to make real updates.

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Monday, May 21 2012


Aaaahhhhh!!  My blog!!!
*hurredly deletes spam accumulation*
I've been really busy for approximately (*checks watch*) several years now, to the point I forgot I had a blog.
And then I got to thinking... 'you know, I really should get my own blog' only for some long forgotten neurons to fire back with 'you idiot, you have a blog!'.
Anyways, new post soon.

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